Recording Chalgrove’s Older Buildings

Our very small team is guided by David Clark, Oxfordshire Buildings Record (OBR).  The aim is to assess the age and phases of the building.

The usual practice is to look around the outside of the house, photographing and noting features such as windows, doors, timbers, etc., and then look at the older parts inside the house, again photographing and noting special features such as joints, assembly marks, etc, sometimes measuring between timbers.  It is especially helpful to have access to the roof, even if only to peer and take photos from the hatch.   A limited amount of research on the property is carried out and then David writes a report, copies of which are sent to the owner or/and occupier and to the CLHG team.  Unless owners have any objection, the report is added to the OBR Website ( and a copy is deposited at the Oxfordshire History Centre, thus contributing to a better understanding of Oxfordshire buildings.

Thirty properties in Chalgrove have already been recorded, including some by a team for The South Oxfordshire Project.  Some have been dated by dendrochronology and a few others have been recommended for such.

Our findings will in no way effect the Listing status of a property, nor any planned alterations, and there is no need to have it looking spic and span, or worry about the suitcases and Christmas decorations in the roof space; our eyes are only for timbers, joints, special marks, and such like.

Surveys usually take around two hours, and to save on travelling time for David, we try to arrange two or three surveys on the same day.  We should be delighted to hear from anyone who would allow us to survey their property.   Please use the form below to contact Rachel Jacques, or alternatively phone her on:

01865 890836

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