Rob Goodwin Letter dated 26 June 1643

To my highly honoured
Colonell Sir Thomas
Barrington att his
House in Queene


Honoured Sir,

You shall understand that this present Monday morning, being the 26 of June, we received the sad tidings of Colonel Hamdens death; he died on Saturday night last.; it being to all honest men a cause of much reluctation and sorrow this day likewise was read in the howse a proclamation which came from Oxford, granting pardon to all members of either howse that would come in to Oxford within ten daies excepting out of that pardon only 5 Lords and 13 Commoners the Earles of Essex Warwick Manchester Stamford and my Lord Say and Seale; Sir John Hotham, Sir Ac: Haselrigg, Sir ffran: Popham, Sir Ed: Hungerford, Sir Hen: Lindloc??, Mr Pym, Mr Strode, Mr Natha: Fiennes, Mr Alex: Popham, Mr Hamden, My Lord Major Colonel Mann the proclamation did seeme to anihilate this Parliament; the Lords voted that they would maintaine this Parliament with their lives and sent it downe at the conference; and do fixed a declaration might be sett forth concerning this proclamation; our howse did concur; my Lord General is yet at Tame; but we had this day an intimation given us by Mr Pym that he would goe forward upon some designe tomorrow : some commanders in the armie doe refuse the Covenant, I wish the number be not many; I cannot write you any good newes our forces at Leister have taken some of their Commanders ; my Lord Fairfax is in great want of horse ; the Queene advanceth: the last night the Cavaliers plundered Wickham and tooke a troope of my Lo: Generals horse; and this City tooke an alarum upon it and were up in armes all night: Colonel Martin’s regiment is to goe downe to the armie with all convenient speede: there is nothing yet done in your Committee since you want although I pressed it for the other armies which concerns Essex I will doe anything you shall command: I have nothing else for the present thus in hast my humble service being presented to your selfe and my Ladie I take my leave and with ease rest

June 26 1643                           Yours to Serve you

I beseech you present my
service to Sir John and
his Ladie and all the rest
of the Ladies./

Rob: Goodwin

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